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By codatim, May 1 2013 07:45PM

Hunderds of people have taken a look at this site but it took good old facebook to reunite Tim and Ro after many years.

Turns out Ro lives in High Wycombe and though Tim lives and works in South Wales he visits Wycombe most weeks!! Is that a spooky coincidence?

Anyway, turns out they still get on really well and have enjoyed getting to know each other again. They have also enjoyed revisiting their old songs which seem to stand the yest of time...mostly.

Tim and Ro played an unplugged set of three Most People songs and the Bucks New University of Music open mic night...and it sounded pretty good.

have a look here by copying this into your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90cQkW8_ImU

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