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The single factor - demo's

In the 1980's unknown bands like Most People played for little or no pay so recording was a luxury the band could rarely afford. Even when reasonable recordings were made they were produced onto poor quality cassette tapes so there are few examples of how the band sounded.

These rough demo's were mainly recorded on small fostex - X15 or Ro's little Sony cassette deck. Time on my hands and Rebound were recorded by Carlin Music in Croydon in a rushed day where the band knocked out three songs.

The Single Factor produced a single called Fresh Upon Her Lips. Though vynyl copies are still around there is no digital version here. The record was played a little on Radio 1 though the band generally felt the recording was a bit laid back.

Like Most People recordings were limited to sessions the band could pay for. Rolando from Most People built his own studio and many of these songs were recorded live with minimal overdubs, at Rolando's. Somewhere in the Night was recorded at Globe studio's in South London.

Swallow my pride

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Time on my hands Part of the problem Come on together Survival