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Formed in London in 1982 Most People started as a hard hitting trio combining Tim's songs with Rolando's tough arrangements. Lloyd started by just helping out but quickly became integral to their sound. Davy joined later adding another edge but by the summer of 1985 it was over. Guitar rock/pop in the eary 80's...not a chance!

who are most people?


Who are the single factor?


Starting life in London in the early 80's as the Snorkels Arnie and his right hand man Neil started working with Tim and later Lloyd from Most People to form The Single Factor. The single Fresh Upon Her Lips was played by John Peel and other Radio 1 DJ's taking The Single Factor to the brink of an appearance on Channel 4's the Tube. It never quitew happened but the band enjoyed gigging hard with a few personnel changes until 1986/7.

If you were in london in the early 1980's and you liked live music you will have come across both these unique bands. popular also in and around wiltshire through lloyd's connections their brief contribution to the select group of people that new them was thanks to their friendships and willingness to play together for the sake of the music and the fun...just as well 'cos that's their only legacy...

There were, of course, other notable contributers to the Most People - Single Factor family. Brendan Lynch was a Snorkel and a founder member of the Single Factor leaving to pursue a very successful recording/production career. Steve Collinson: Lloyds older brother and a guiding hand through the lives of both bands along with Esther and their family who always welcomed and cared for the touring People/Factor. Jonny Sammers took over Factor guitaring when Tim moved on and gigged and recorded with the band until the end. Hopefully some of those recordings will end up here. Neil Anzani was a Factor through it all and helped out Most People when Rolando decided to focus on his studio work. Finian Day-Lewis stepped in at the very end of Most People for a handful of gigs and a memorable recording session at Steve's. Listen to him and Tim C on Can't get any fairer. Tim Collinson -, another brother, was always there to blow a horn when required.

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