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most people

single factor

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Well...both bands are in their 50's now. Do they still play? Not together any more but most of the guys still bash out a tune one  way or another.


...and Lloyd is visiting from down under in September 2011 so there's talk of a Salisbury/Amesbury homcoming gig featuring hardcore Most People - Single Factor members.


Watch this space for news if you're sad enough.





Where are you Rolando Radaelli? Davy Cathcart? Finian?

Contact would be fantastic!

Stop press:

most people & The single factor play live at the vestry - salisbury

Sunday 11th September 2011

from 12 noon until late afternoon (and beyond...)

Most People, Single Factor, Zuccinis, Stamford & Collinson, Money for Guns and many, many more bands who remember the early '80's with fondness...or even at all.



Full details to follow on facebook